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BubbleBum Booster Car Seat

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Quickly Inflates

The BubbleBum Booster Seat is incredibly easy to inflate, taking less than 20 seconds! You, or your child, can quickly inflate it when needed and then easily deflate it when the journey’s over. Perfect for unexpected journeys.

Easily Storable

BubbleBum is extremely lightweight, and when deflated it folds flat. It comes with its own stretchy carry bag so that it can be easily stowed in a backpack or purse. Your child need never be without a booster seat again!

Fit Three Across the Back

BubbleBum is the only booster seat that fits comfortably between any combination of car seats where there’s room for a child with a 3-point seat belt. No more busted knuckles on tight fitting buckles!

Perfect for Any Journey

BubbleBum is perfect for everyday car journeys, taxis, handluggage, school trips, buses, rental cars, car pool – the list goes on and on! Its easily inflatable and portable design make it an essential item for your kids!

Saves you money

Cheaper than renting a seat and reusable.

Safer than rigid seats

Hard, rigid seats can become a projectile in a crash if they are not in use. BubbleBum is lightweight and made of energy absorbing materials therefore much safer to have in your back seat.

Crash tested even when deflated!

BubbleBum passes the regulatory crash testing even when deflated. However, we know that kids will slouch forward when they don’t have a slight boost up off of the seat as they want to bend their legs over the edge. This is why we insist that the seat is used INFLATED. Remember, crash test dummies do not behave like a child.


The BubbleBum was developed by a mum and her kids to help solve a genuine problem that they had. These kids were the first road testers of the BubbleBum!