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4moms 2015 Breeze Play Yard

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You might call it a playpen. You might call it a play yard. You might call it a pack-and-play. You might call it a travel crib, a travel cot, or a travel bed. But one thing you’ve probably never called it is “easy.” Travel beds for babies are usually fiddly, temperamental things that require both hands and a lot of patience – not something you want to mess with when, say, you’ve been traveling all day and just want to get the baby to sleep, and then get to sleep yourself.

But the 4Moms Breeze Travel Crib is described by its creators as “the easiest playard ever” – and it’s true! Want to open the Breeze Travel Crib? Press down the tab in the middle, and it pops smoothly open into a full-sized, sturdy, and safe pack-and-play. Want to close it? First, obviously, take out the baby. Then, with one hand, lift the tab in the middle of the Breeze Travel Crib, and it accordions right back into a simple easy-to-carry folded column. And that, friends, is it.

The 4Moms Breeze Travel Crib comes in a muted black and turquoise color scheme that’s fine for boys or girls, and won’t clash with the look of your modern living room. A bassinet attachment is included. The thick mattress pad is firm enough to be safe, and cushy enough to be cozy. And it's large enough to fit some pretty big toddlers. Take this travel crib with you everywhere baby wants to nap – it’s a breeze!

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