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Book - For What It's Worth: A Perspective on How to Thrive and Survive Parenting Ages 0-2 By Bethany L. Cook, PsyD.

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For anyone who is – or knows someone who is – expecting, or has recently added a new baby to their life and is feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated or just lost, this is the book for you. Through humor and brave self-disclosure the author, a clinical psychologist, realizes that even though she has the “book smarts,” sometimes the practical application of psychological theory gets lost in translation when it comes to babies and young children.  


Dr. Cook weaves together personal and professional stories with proven science through the lens of a “woke” woman. She takes the reader on a multi-dimensional deepdive into parenting which is both educational and interesting to the sleep deprived and marginalized parent. This book is laced with many laugh-out-loud moments which are in and of themselves therapeutic and cathartic to all parents everywhere.