Blue Orange Pool Party Game

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It’s time to beat the heat and cool off in the topsy-turvy pool. Better yet, join in on the cannon ball contest and form a team with your fellow party-goers. But watch out! Too many swimmers and this wacky pool can easily spill over, tossing you and everyone else out. Make big splashes by propelling your teammates into the unsteady pool, and be the first to successfully land 3 divers in to win! Unique components and high energy gameplay will make Pool Party your family’s new favorite.

  • Jump in for a swim, stay in for the win!
  • Family action game
  • Be the first to land 3 of your divers in the pool without the pool tipping over!
  • Unique components and high energy gameplay make this game fun for family game night
  • Age 6 and up. 2 to 4 players