Corolle 13" Doll - Florolle Capucine

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This lovely doll can't wait to become your little one's new best friend!

She has silky, rooted hair that's styled in a bob, a playful look in her brown painted eyes, a cheerful smile that instantly warms the heart, and a floral-print dress with a matching scrunchie in her hair, so she's always ready for adventure.

Meanwhile, measuring 13 inches tall, she's just the right size for children to cradle in their arms, plus her head, arms, and legs are made of soft, supple vinyl that's delicately scented with vanilla for an enchanting sensory experience.

Florolle Capucine - 13 inch
  • Soft-body doll with floral dress and dark hair and complexion
  • Encourages imaginative play, nurturing skills, storytelling
  • Silky, rooted hair styled in a bob
  • Playful brown painted eyes and a cheerful smile
  • Head, arms, legs made of soft vinyl, delicately scented with vanilla
  • Dressed in a floral-print dress, matching scrunchie in her hair
  • Includes one Capucine doll
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability