Globe Trotter Dominoes - 100% Made in Italy

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Fun wooden board game to be used as the traditional domino and as a memory to discover famous monuments. The theme of monuments and the contemporary and colorful graphics make the game an original gift idea for those who love to travel and discover the wonders of architecture and art. Safe, ecological game made with non-toxic colors. 100% made in Italy. Domino globetrotter is made of wood from forests managed in a correct way from an environmental and social point of view. 


28 wooden tiles depicting world famous monuments and a white line 1 instruction leaflet.

Age: 4+
Join tiles to keep the line going and travel the world! The first person to use all
dominoes is the winner!

HOW TO JOIN TILES Each tile has a famous monument and a white line on it. A tile can be joined to another if the lines match up, that is, the height of the start or end of the line on the tile to play is the same height as the start or end of line on a tile already played. Tiles can only be played horizontally, one next to the other, either to the right or left of the first tile played or the row of tiles that is progressively created. A tile cannot be placed upside down. If the player whose turn it is doesn't have a tile with a line that matches the tiles already played, then the turn passes to the next player. As the games progresses, the white line grows longer, joining monuments from far off countries.

 2 to 4 players: Give each player the same number of tiles, giving out as many tiles as possible.

Once this is done, in this version, every player turns their tiles face up. If there are 2 or 4 players, the youngest player starts by placing a tile on the playing surface and then the turn passes to the next player, to the left. If there are 3 players, the youngest player places the extra tile in the middle of the playing surface, then attaches one of his / her tiles, before the next person goes.

 AIM OF THE GAME The winner is the first person to play all their tiles or who has the least tiles left when the trip finishes, that is, when no player has a tile that can be played.

Single-player variant: Turn all the tiles face up and try to join them up in a sort of linear puzzle that takes you on a trip of the world.

AIM OF THE GAME You win if you manage to create a puzzle with all 28 tiles and complete the world tour!


The winner is the player who finds the most pairs of monuments of the same color!

This game is played between two people. There are 14 different color pairs of tiles. Place all the tiles face down without looking at the front face. If you place them in an orderly pattern, it makes the game easier; if you don't, it's harder. The older player begins. The first player turns two tiles over. If these tiles are the same color, they become that player's; if they aren't, the tiles are turned face down again and the other person goes. The game continues alternating turns until all the tiles are finished. The goal is for each player to memorize where the monuments with the same color are. The winner is the player who finds the most pairs of monuments of the same color.