Gravitrax Expansion Trampoline

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Add some bounce to your GraviTrax contraption!

GraviTrax is a modular, electronic-free interactive track system for designing and building an endless variety of custom marble runs.

Included in this accessory pack are two trampoline tiles and two angled height tiles. Set them up to launch your marbles in new directions and new heights with amazing accuracy!

GraviTrax Accessory - Trampoline

  • Set of trampolines for adding bounce to your GraviTrax marble run
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, engeering skills, experimentation
  • Bounces marbles from one track to the next!
  • Includes 2 trampoline tiles, 2 angled height tiles
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

    Note: This is an accessory. Full GraviTrax set is sold separately.