Small Foot Abacus

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Maths are fun! This abacus made of FSC® 100%-certified wood with its colourful wooden beads serves as a visual maths aide for the first encounters with arithmetic. Children are playfully animated to practice adding and subtracting, which trains their understanding of numbers. Who can solve the first equation?

  • FSC® 100%: This product is made entirely of wood from FSC-certified forests
  • There are 55 plus and minus maths problems written on this abacus that can be solved with the help of the abacus itself
  • Children can playfully train their understanding of numbers with this maths aid
  • The brightly-coloured wooden beads serve as a visual maths aid for primary school children
  • This learning aid makes addition and subtraction easier to understand and is ideal for preschool-aged children and primary-school-aged children
  • Recommended Age: 4+

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