Silver Cross Wave 2022


Established in 1877, Silver Cross has long been associated with quality and elegance, making the brand a favorite of Britain's royal family. Made of premium materials, including a magnesium alloy frame for maximum strength, the Silver Cross Wave will endure a lifetime of strolling with your family.

Updated for 2022, the Wave has an ergonomic Genius Harness System that features one-motion, backpack style adjustments, deeper-padded chest and harness pads, and a magnetic 5-point safety buckle that fastens together in three easy clicks.

The Silver Cross Wave holds 55 pounds in both the upper and lower seats, making it the the highest-capacity double stroller on the market.

The Wave can be used as a single stroller with either the included stroller seat or overnight-approved bassinet. When you have a second child, the Wave grows with 

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