Manhattan Toy Skwish Color Burst

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Grab it, flatten it, and watch it bounce back. The Skwish by Manhattan Toy is a bendy, colorful, and unique infant toy that offers endless fun as well as developmental lessons. It has been part of the Manhattan Toy line for 10 years and is much loved as a great baby toy - as well as welcome stress-reliever for busy parents.

Babies will latch on to this chic toy, enjoying the bouncy feel from the elastic strings. Skwish will encourage the development of gross and fine motor skills, will stimulate vision, and encourage lots of exploration and experimentation.


  • Squishes flat and bounces back to its original shape – Great for small hands
  • Beads slide on wooden dowels and rattle gently – Stimulating and entertaining
  • Helps develop motor skills, offers visual stimulation, and encourages exploration
  • Made from replenishable rubber wood – Eco-friendly choice
  • Great for babies 0 mo+

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