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Alma's Designs Today Is...

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Engage young minds in the excitement that each day holds with Alma’s colorful "Today Is" wall hanging. Colors coordinate with names of months, days, seasons and weather as well as numbers, encouraging language and recognition development. Dexterity is also built as children play with the small soft pieces that describe today.

Individual pieces for each month of the year have colors that coordinate with the season. December through February pieces are ivory, March through May pieces are green, June through August pieces are blue, and September through November pieces are brown. Each day of the week is included and Monday through Friday words are stitched with purple thread and Saturday and Sunday are stitched with red. The current year and next three years are included as well as numbers zero through nine, and an extra one and two to account for all thirty-one days of some months. Unique and colorful pieces for each season and six different weather types, including cloudy, foggy, snowing, sunny, and windy are provided to spark the imagination of any child.


  • Helps children learn the calendar
  • Fun and colorful forecasts
  • Handcrafted
  • Spot clean
  • Made in Philippines
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