Aton Base2 (Aton, Aton2, or Aton Q)

Aton Base2 (Aton, Aton2, or Aton Q)

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Do you have more than one vehicle? Is baby spending time with grandma and grandpa for a while? If you need an extra base for your Aton, Aton2, or Aton Q car seat, we can help you. With a steel chassis and adjustable load leg, the Aton Extra base will keep your child safe. The Load Leg allows the Base 2 to more effectively absorb and distribute crash energy because of the extra support it gives.


  • Adjustable load leg provides additional support between the child restraint and the vehicle
  • Steel Chassis creates metal to metal contact through the Load Leg, infant carrier, and the vehicle for added strength and properly managed crash forces
  • Dual Weight Ranges help to make sure your seat is reclined at the proper angle according to the weight of your child
  • Dual Action Release gives a two-step process to remove the Aton Infant Carrier from the Base 2, preventing an accidental release
  • Easy to install
  • Belt Tensioning Plate for a quick, simple and secure installation with either LATCH or vehicle belts
  • LATCH Guides easily hook onto your vehicle's lower LATCH anchors to help make car seat installation easier while protecting your vehicle seats


  • Width 15"
  • Height: 5½" at shortest point, 8" at tallest point
  • Length 21.5"
  • Load Leg Length Min: 10.75" / Max: 18.75"
  • Weight 12.2 lbs