Babymoov Sleep Belt for pregnancy

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Product description

Dream Belt is a new and innovative sleep belt that results from a co-creation between Babymoov, mums-to-be and midwives. It improves comfort during night thanks to 2 elastic stripes that hold baby bump while sleeping on the side. You can attach Dream Belt very easily thanks to a rear velcro. 2 shapes memory foam reinforcements have been created to fit the gap bewteen the stomach and the mattress. Already tested and approved by mums-to-be!

Why you will love Dream Belt:

    • Ergonomic belt that follows every moves of the body during night

    • Hold the baby bump's weight while sleeping

    • Adjustable Dream Belt to fit every stage of pregnancy

    • Can be used directly on the skin or over clothing

    • Washable at 40°

How does it work?

    • 2 elastic strips to hold baby bump

    • Rear velcro for easy and fast attachment

    • 2 shapes memory foam reinforcements

dream belt 9 month of b

A new range for mum-to-be: 9 months of b

Dream Belt goes with maternity pillow Mum&b and accompany you during your pregnancy and the first months with your baby. Together, the two products assure you perfect night's sleep and an optimum comfort! Both products are part of our new range for mum-to-be: 9 months of b.

The maternity pillow is sold separately.

Innovation and co-creation

The changing body shape of expectant mums causes lots of typical pregnancy-related problems: discomfort while sleeping, back ache, restless sleep and so on. As part of the Babymoov Live Open Innovation process, we have listened to mums and developed a brand new range of unique products to ease their aches and pains and bring them well-being and tranquillity: 9 Months of b.

To satisfy the specific needs of mums-to-be, we have also worked in consultation with the healthcare professionals who know them best: midwives. Their professional approval, at each stage of development, has helped us to devise truly innovative solutions that are offered with this new range.