Build-a-Bot Dalmatian

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Product Overview

Create your very own Dalmatian robot! Build-a-Bot Sounds are easy to make and customize, with over 20 pieces and fun stickers! Switch it on and clap to watch it hop towards you. Take your Build-a-Bot Dalmatian apart, reassemble, or mix, and match your characters to create new pets. Build-a-Bot Sounds take robotics and S.T.E.M to the next level with sound activation!


  • Create your own pet Dalmatian robot!

  • Over 20 pieces and stickers included

  • Clap and make your pet move!

  • Each pet makes fun sounds.

  • Mix and match pieces from other Build a Bot pets

  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

Age Grade



  • 20+ - Pet pieces

  • 1 - Sticker sheet

  • 1 - Instruction sheet

  • 1 - Build a Bot certificate