Children's Ceramic Tea Set

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Product Overview

  • One lump or two? Have a beautiful tea party with this classic children's tea set, invite all your friends!
  • Elegant in its traditional design, enjoy the classic, bold colors of this Fiesta style set.
  • 13 pieces with 4 cups and saucers, sugar bowl with lid, tea pot with lid and creamer, all food safe
  • Cups and tea pot are just the fight size for small hands
  • For all hostesses ages 8+
  • This children's tea set is very old fashioned. Just like Grandma used to play with!
  • Each cup is a different color, as well as the cream and sugar and the teapot.
  • This 13 piece porcelain set includes 4 cups, 4 saucers, a teapot with a lid, a sugar bowl with a lid, and a creamer.
  • This set is a little bigger than some, and the tea cups measure 1 1/4" tall.
  • May really be used for drinking liquids!