Gravitrax Expansion Tunnels

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Product Overview

Send your GraviTrax experience rolling into a new level of intrigue!

GraviTrax is a unique marble-run system featuring hexagonal risers and track tiles that simply fit and stack together, rail-tracks that hook into place, and stunt pieces that add exhilarating twists and turns.

And with this expansion set - full of unique curving tunnels, drop tubes, and more - Those twists and turns become even more exhilarating!

Take the amazing power of gravity to the next level with the GraviTrax Tunnels Expansion set.

GraviTrax Expansion - Tunnels
  • Set of tunnels and accessories for enhancing your GraviTrax adventure
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, logic, creativity, planning, problem-solving
  • Add a unique twist of fascination to every twist and turn!
  • Build wider and further with the 2 extra base plates
  • Race faster with the 2 Bernoulli rails and 2 o-rails
  • Includes 4 tunnel curves, 2 tunnel straights, 2 tunnel switches, 2 vertical u-turns, 2 Bernoulli rails, 2 o-rails, 2 catches, 2 base plates
  • Requires GraviTrax Starter Set - Sold separately
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional build-and-play experience