Maze Craze - Loopfinity

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Product Overview

  • ENDLESSLY lOOPING TRACK FOR INFINITE FUN: Brand new idea of reflex training toy for kids & teens! Keep the rubber ball running on the endless loop. Open and close the ring repeatedly to not let the ball fall! How long can you keep the bouncy ball on the track?!
  • IT IS A SIMPLE INFINITY: The infinite set includes an infinite loop and 2 bouncy balls. The loop is switchable that can keep the bouncing ball running on the yellow track. The end of the half track is the beginning for the other half track. It is a continuous fun game until you decide to end it!
  • AN INFINITY IN YOUR HANDS: Grip the handles of the loop with both hands, pull the loop open & closed while keeping the ball rolling on the track, and repeat it! Challenge yourself… it might not be as easy as you think!
  • FUN EDUCATIONAL TOY & EASY TO PLAY: The competitive toy game is designed to promote eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills training. A simple balance ball toy to develop reflexes and improve kid's concentration!
  • ACTIVE TOY GIFTS FOR KIDS: It is an active game to play alone or interact and challenge with friends and family. It is also fun to see people struggling while focusing to play this "EASY" toy... try it out!
  • Ages 3+ 

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