Mighty Mind Regular Edition

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Faster than a speeding puzzler. Able to leap into challenging puzzles in a single bound. That kid has a Mighty Mind!

The ingenuity of MightyMind makes it a stand-out favorite with teachers & child development experts everywhere. It's an activity toy that develops the essential skills every child needs!

Great for developing creativity & helping children understand visual/spatial relationships, MightMind is a great confidence builder in a fun, purposeful format.

It's even a winner of some of the highest awards & recognized as a valuable learning tool in over 17 countries around the world. It doesn't require a specific language, so it's perfect for the entire planet!

  • Parents Choice Honor Toy
  • Teachers Choice Award
  • Dr Toys Best Vacation Toy
  • Nominated 4 times to Parenting Magazine's Hall of Fame
  • Cited by National Publications

    Your child will succeed as they learn to build and solve complex jigsaw puzzles! - In 30 connected steps, a child develops proficiency in organizing & planning solutions, sorts unique elements, and takes control of the problem solving process.

    Toss a cape on your kid and another Mighty Mind has arrived!

    Children learn to solve puzzles entirely on their own.

    Starting with the simple concept of manipulating two half shapes to build a whole shape, children quickly grasp the basics of shape-building.

    A numerically programmed sequence of patterns sends children on an exciting learning-journey to manipulate 32 geometric shapes and build pictures of increasing complexity.

    The first 20 puzzles provide color clues in the picture to assist a child in selecting the needed shapes, but the last 10 are without clues and are the most challenging of them all.

    Whether your child uses the enclosed pattern cards or designs his or her own figures, animals, people, buildings, and imaginative pictures - Increased skills will always result!

    Just the right level of challenge in problem solving & visual spatial experiences, MightMind creates predictable success, smarter kids, and greater fun for all shape-building beginners.

    MightyMind Regular Edition
  • Over 3,000,000 sets have been sold in 20 countries around the world
  • Children benefit every time they play with Mighty Mind
  • 32 colorful, easy to handle, durable plastic design tiles
  • 30 tangram-like design cards; Challenge increases as you go
  • First 20 puzzles provide color clues in the picture, assisting child in selecting shapes
  • Last 10 puzzles do not provide color clues and are the most challenging puzzles
  • Includes 32 design shapes, 30 numbered programmed puzzles
  • All pieces neatly contained in storage tray
  • Detailed instructions Included
  • Made in USA; some components from China and/or Germany
  • Ages 3-8