Mighty Mind Supermind

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Product Overview

Jump into the upper echelon of shape-building excitement!

Used by teachers and students throughout twenty-six countries around the world, these multi-colored, magnetic tiles and diagrams provide a brilliant mental challenge for children everywhere.

It quickly develops the essential skills every child needs!

Open up the convenient tin container and get ready to combine and create amazing shapes.

Stack the puzzle boards in numerical order, place a puzzle board on the reverse side of the metal container's lid, and you're all set to begin the brain-boosting fun.

On each puzzle board is a silhouetted design. Your job is to combine the shape tiles and fill in the design without crossing outside of the design lines.

A jack-in-the-box, a dog, a boat, a person playing tennis, and more - Each diagram features an exciting design that's more challenging than the last.

And once you get to the more advanced diagrams, no longer are you building fun, familiar images, but rather brain-busting abstract designs!

Spatial relationships, shape recognition, and problem solving skills rocket to a new stratosphere of learning!

Complete with a sturdy tin container and all the supplies you need, the Magnetic Supermind set is a super fun way to really boost your child's brainpower.

Magnetic Supermind

  • Set of magnetic shapes for completing complex diagrams
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial relationships, shape recognition, problem solving
  • Quickly develops the essential skills every child needs
  • Works as a perfect sequel to Magnetic Might Mind set
  • Used by teachers and students throughout 26 countries around the world
  • Diagrams organized numerically from easy to difficult, numbered designs 31-60
  • Easier designs feature familiar objects, difficult designs feature abstract shapes
  • Only tiles of a certain shape can fill the outlines of each diagram
  • Children can play on their own - Develop independent thinking, self-directed play
  • Includes tin container, 32 proportional design tiles (6 basic geometric shapes, 4 colors, large and small sizes, plus matching magnetic shapes), cotton storage pouch for tiles, 15 diagram cards with 29 diagrams and a solution key
  • Detailed instructions included
  • High quality construction for lasting enjoyment