My Style Big Cooker Kitchen

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Product Overview

  • Enable imaginative play - open up a world of imagination with this playful wooden kitchen. Comes ready to creatively cook for the entire family with an oven, a stainless-steel sink, stovetop, and storage cupboard. Counter Height measures 19.7”. assembly required, instructions included.
  • Story telling boosts brain development - It has been proven that imaginative play helps children with language skills, creativity, social interactions, and helps them process experiences better. Set up a restaurant and order a salad off the ‘menu’ for your child to create.
  • Clean aesthetic, interactive features- the clean, natural wood look of this kitchen makes this play piece a classic addition to any home while the moveable dials and interactive light and sound stovetop will surprise and delight your little one as they learn and grow.
  • Give you child self confidence through play - Since 1970 Janod has been focused on bringing classic, heirloom-quality toys to families around the world. Through open-ended imaginative play children can improve their skills and find an inner self confidence that they will apply in many different settings for the rest of their lives.
  • Meets all European and American Safety standards with focus on craftsmanship and quality - quality and safety is the most important part of our designs at Janod. Each toy is made with concern for your child's well-being and education. Designed by our French product team to meet all European and us standards to the highest quality specifications.

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