Puj Infant Bath Tub - Grey

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Minimize your gear while maximizing your efficiency. The Puj Tub offers busy parents a revolutionary new way to bathe their newborns without the use of a bulky basin. Designed to fit directly into the sink, this soft insert keeps your baby comfortable and cushioned while you bathe her. The Puj Tub can be placed in any standard bathroom sink and amazingly stores flat.

Not only is the Puj Tub made in the USA, but it is made of hypoallergenic and non-toxic foam to offer a completely safe bathing experience for little bathers. To ensure excellent hygiene, this patented design features anti-fungal and anti-bacterial foam. Besides keeping your baby comfortable and warm in the cushiony material, the Puj Tub prevents parents from getting soaking wet or muscle-strained in the process.


  • Easy Setup: Snap both sides together, place it in your sink, and you’re ready for bath time!
  • Bathe your child in a comfortable position, without hurting your back and knees.
  • The non-slip material wraps around your baby, keeping your little one cradled and protected.
  • PVC-free and BPA-free
  • Super soft
  • Stores flat at less than 1-inch thick
  • For babies 0-6 months, or up to 17 lbs
  • Fits in a variety of sinks, but fits best in sinks that measure 16"-18" side to side, 12" - 14" front to back, and 6"-8" deep.

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