Toniebox Starter Set

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Tonies Toniebox Starter Set: The perfect gift for children

The tonies Toniebox Red Starter Set is the perfect gift for children this year. It encourages interactive learning and will delight all story lovers with the fun loving characters from their favorite stories.

The tonies Toniebox is a no-screen story telling audio system for children which makes it the perfect fun and educational gift for 3+. Who doesn’t love a story with their favorite fictional friends?!

What is the Tonies Toniebox?

Put simply, the tonies Toniebox is an audio system for children. You pick from the vast selection of Tonies characters (from a wide choice of extremely well known books and films) and it tells the story.

The tonies Toniebox’s themselves are stunning. They come in a choice of appealing Tonie colors and are made to be both soft enough to cuddle but strong and durable enough to be handled by a toddler!

As any toddler parent will know this is no easy feat, but it is achieved perfectly with the tonies Toniebox.

The Tonies characters are slightly magnetized so there’s no chance of them slipping off, but the Toniebox will hold where you left off in it’s memory for one hour which means you can easily find your place again.

The sound quality is amazing and you won’t find any buttons for little fingers to tinker with. Just two cute ears to control the volume up and down – it’s that easy!

We love the Toniebox because we love a story. Yes, we love a book, but oh how we love an audio book too! And the fact that it doesn’t include a screen just makes us love it even more! An interactive story without the screen time is a real win-win!

What’s included in the Tonies Toniebox Starter Set?

Your Tonies Toniebox Starter Set is all in one box and includes:

A tonies Toniebox

A Creative-Tonie with room for 90 minutes so that you can upload your MP3s, audiobooks or even narrate your own stories. How fun!

A Charging station to charge your Toniebox battery 

An easy-to-understand instruction manual.

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