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Meet the Tonies character Toy Story. Simply pop the tonie on your Toniebox for a world of classic storytelling adventure. We all need friends…and if those friends are toys then even better! But things don’t always run smoothly, and friendships can be tested. Best buddies toy cowboy Woody and his young owner, Andy, find their friendship jeopardized by the super cool (but troublemaking) spaceman Buzz Lightyear. Children can enjoy listening to this wonderful story of overcoming adversity and lasting friendship and delight in classics such as “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.

We love the Toniebox because you can be sure that each Tonie character will enhance your child’s love of stories through hands on, screen-less story telling. Designed to be highly child-led, even the smallest children will be able to choose their favorite Tonie character to place on top of their Toniebox. Each Tonie character is slightly magnetized so there’s no chance of slipping off, but the Toniebox will hold in its memory where you left off with the story for one hour anyway.

Reader: Tracy Fraim

Audiobook Running time: approx. 27 minutes
Age recommendation: 3+
Accessories: Toniebox required for use. Sold separately.
Wi-Fi connection required for initial setup.

1. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
2. Cadence
3. The Claw
4. Woody’s Waltz

1.  Toy Story