Bugaboo Service Center

Galt Baby is an Official Bugaboo Service Center

We at Galt Baby are happy to inform you that we are the only Official Bugaboo Retail Service Center in the United States! 

That means we can do repairs and/or upholstery cleaning for your Bugaboo strollers.  We have multiple locations, so come visit us in Chicago's Lincoln Park or in Old Orchard if you need some repairs!

Bring your stroller in for a free estimate of labor and parts.  We can also help you with replacements parts and warranty work.  If you are in need of a stroller while you allow us to service yours, let our techs know and they can provide you with a loaner buggy. 

For $65, we can give your stroller a tune-up: we will check the entire stroller top to bottom and make sure it's working properly.  We will inspect the fabric, tighten bolts, replace screws, inspect the wheels and air pressure, along with greasing all moving parts.  (We may ask you to leave the stroller for a few days.)

We can replace also flats for $20 for one wheel, or $45 for all wheels.  We'll have you back up and running in no time.  We will replace your inner tube, check your rim and make sure there is nothing there that can cause a flat and lube your axel in a matter of minutes.