Ambi Toys Activity Case

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The Ambi Galt Activity Case is full of things that stimulate your child's senses. Ring the bell and turn the rattler and slide the colored beads for maximum enjoyment. Reveal the teddy underneath the mirror as well! This fun activity center will keep kids playing for hours and is great for tuning fine motor skills as well as color recognition. Hand-eye coordination is also a part of this amazing toy that will help you children learn how to be dexterous. Ambi loves making toys for children that help them learn through play. During a child's formative years, it is important to get children toys that stimulate their motor skills and mental equity. Babies and toddlers are not interested in passing trends, fashion colors or the latest gadget. They need well designed and reliable toys which don't disappoint during play and encourage their gradual discovery of themselves, others and the surrounding world. The Ambi Toys range satisfies these needs and are a continuing source of learning and fun. Exactly what a good toy is meant to be. For 6+ months.

  • Smiley teddy through activiation
  • 6 activities to explore
  • Ring the bell, pull back bird, slide mirror
  • Encourages manual dexterity
  • Early development activity center

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