Nuna Pipa Relx Base

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Nuna takes your newborn’s safety very seriously. That’s why they continue to improve and innovate to bring you only the best in safety. The new Relx Base comes with the Nuna Pipa RX and Nuna Pipa Lite R but can also be used with any Nuna Pipa Series infant car seat. It’s packed with safety features that provide much of the protection for your little one in the event of an accident.

Advanced Safety Features

   Since Nuna is a Dutch brand, they don’t just settle for meeting the bare minimum safety requirements in the US. They’ve brought over features that are required in Europe that provide better safety performance in crash testing. In addition to putting advanced safety features into the Nuna RELX Base, Nuna has also added improvements to make it even easier to install correctly every single time.

Extendable Load Leg

   The load leg is one of the features that helps to improve safety the most during a crash. Extending from the bottom of the Nuna RELX Base, the load leg rests against the vehicle floor and transfers crash forces away from the car seat. Nuna has maximized the crash force management of the load leg by adding a crumple zone that dissipates force as the load leg is compressed.

   The steel stability leg is extendable and has three sections so you can get the perfect fit for your car. The improved adjustability allows you to install the RELX Base using the load leg even in the middle seat where a hump in the floor usually obstructs load legs.

All New Anti Rebound Panel

   While the load leg prevents forward rotation of the car seat base, the anti rebound panel works to prevent backward rotation. It nestles snugly against your vehicle seat back to stabilize the car seat and keep it firmly in place during a collision. As an added benefit, it eliminates the gap between the base and vehicle seat that was present with the previous Nuna infant car seat bases.

True LockTM Installation

   The Nuna RELX Base has rigid LATCH connectors that make up the True Lock installation system. The steel reinforced rigid LATCH connectors swivel out from the base and connect with your car in one easy movement for a five-second installation that is secure every time. 

Effortless Seat Belt Installation

   If you’re concerned that you may not be able to use LATCH in your car, Nuna has a solution. The Nuna RELX Base comes with a built in seat belt lockoff so you can easily get a tight installation using your vehicle seat belt. The improved lockoff features an open belt path that is easier to use and clearly marked for quick installation on the go.

How Do You Know the Nuna RELX Base is Installed Correctly?

   Nuna wanted to make it easy to know that your infant car seat is installed correctly without having to guess. That’s why they ditched the bubble level and replaced it with a four-position recline. The Nuna RELX Base can be reclined at the touch of a button and is fully adjustable without uninstalling the base from your car. An easily visible guide lets you know when to adjust the recline positions so you can ensure they are always at the proper angle as your baby grows.

   In addition to easy-to-read recline instructions, the True LockTM installation system and load leg have indicators that turn green so you can have visual confirmation that your car seat base is installed correctly.

The More Convenient Way to Ride

   Nuna RELX Bases are sold separately so that you can purchase additional bases to make switching between cars a breeze. Extra bases are ideal for grandparents, nannies, and your partner’s car. Having extra bases allows you take advantage of all the top of the line safety features the base offers without having to uninstall and reinstall the base frequently. The Nuna RELX Base is also cross compatible with the Nuna PipaNuna Pipa Lite, and Nuna Pipa Lite LX for your convenience.

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